Elliana Ellington

Elliana Ellington

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Elliana Ellington is a 11 year old girl who loves coding, robotics, making stuff with her 3D printer and engineering. She has made everything, from dolls to bikes to even her prosthetic arm! But when a robotics competition comes around, Elliana is quick to sign up. The problem is, though, the competition is judged on who's remote-controlled robot is the fastest, and Elliana views her prosthetic arm as a disadvantage to her use of the controls. Elliana will have to believe in herself and turn her disadvantages into her advantages.


The Elliana doll has dirty blond hair, brown eyes that open and close and a huggable cloth body. She comes with a prosthetic arm and will arrive in a teal top, purple shorts and black flats. You can go to special-dolls.com and read her story!


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