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Elliana Ellington is a 11 year old girl who loves coding, robotics, making stuff with her 3D printer and engineering. She has made everything, from dolls to bikes to even her prosthetic arm! But when a robotics competition comes around, Elliana is quick to sign up. The problem is, though, the competition is judged on who's remote-controlled robot is the fastest, and Elliana views her prosthetic arm as a disadvantage to her use of the controls. Elliana will have to believe in herself and turn her disadvantages into her advantages.

Katrina Miller is a 12 year old girl who loves film making and directing. She has had type 1 diabetes for seven years now, and is sick of all of the pod changes, needle pricks and constant highs and lows- she wants a cure. When there's a film festival with a prize of 1000 dollars, Katrina comes up with a great idea- she can donate the prize money for a cure for diabetes. The pressure is on for Katrina to create her best film yet, especially because she's the youngest person entering. Along the way, she discovers that it's OK to be different and makes her movie about her life with diabetes.

Jennifer Taylor is a 10 year old girl who has lots of energy and a prosthetic leg. Her dream has always been to do gymnastics- but she doesn't think it's possible. Jennifer spends her days watching gymnastics videos and dreaming about what it would be like to be a gymnast. Until one day she accidentally does a backflip with her prosthetic leg- and she realizes that her dream can be a reality! She signs up for gymnastics class and even though she's different than everybody else, she's one of the best gymnasts in class. Can she be good enough to win the gymnastics competition, too?